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"These future-proof tools offer insight, transparency, and compliance for pharmaceutical companies. Equally important: they can play a significant role in patient safety and public health."

Supply chains in the life sciences industry are becoming increasingly complex. Many companies outsource parts of their production processes, logistics, or transportation to third-party Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs). At the same time, rules and regulations for product and patient safety are getting more and more strict. Traceability software allows companies to gain and keep insight into their supply chains, while simultaneously demonstrating their compliance with international regulations.


itelligence Optimizes Your Traceability

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Global Batch Traceability Speeds Up Reporting
  • How you can integrate non-SAP products
  • How Global Batch Traceability can help QA
  • What a typical GBT Project looks like
  • What the future of Traceability looks like (Global Track & Trace, Blockchain, IoT)



Batch Visualization with SAP Global Batch Traceability




Marcel L'Ortye

SAP Life Sciences Consultant
itelligence Benelux



Ruud Nieuweboer

SAP Life Sciences Consultant 
itelligence Benelux


Learn from the experts

Our consultants have 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and detailed knowledge about the serialization topic from a process, regulatory and system perspective.

Our proven experience with the serialization topic, SAP software and the industry enables us to communicate effectively with customers. And as Computer System Validation is in the DNA of our consultants, no surprises are found over there.

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'From Donation to Packed Product'


June 27th 2019
15:00 - 16:00 hour
Marcel L'Ortye & Ruud Nieuweboer
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