Change Your World of Finance


The Forrester paper shows how you can overcome common challenges in financial management. Make use of their thought leadership and become a truly insights-driven organization. Are you ready?




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want to extract more data from big data

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are more likely to report year-over-year growth as an insights-driven firm

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are already looking to embrace a business strategy to apply data insights in new ways

3 Steps to Bridge the Gap

  1. Make data and analytics more agile and flexible

  2. Find insights based on all enterprise data

  3. Ensure data insights are actionable and pervasive

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The Forrester Paper - Tells You How to


  • Become a thought leader

  • Make your analytics more agile and accessible

  • Find insights based on your available data

  • Strengthen your internal reputation

  • Ensure your data insights are contextual and actionable

  • Create an insights-driven process


Act Now

Becoming more insights driven is challenging.

There are four key recommendations that can help organizations overcome common challenges.

The free paper tells you all the secrets.



Transform to an Insight-Driven Organization

Explore how you as a Manager or Executive in Finance or related functions can turn your businesses data into actionable insights that drive tangible outcomes. Being data driven is now the status quo, but how to use your data to lead key business decisions in your organization and to ensure a greater relevance and success of your finance department.

Forrester Consulting developed thought leadership around how companies can bridge the gap from being data driven to becoming truly insights-driven organizations.

Download the paper now to get to know the 4 main recommendations for you and your organization to make this change happen.

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"Not just data—insights! [...] You need the best business intelligence you can get to move quickly; modern EPM and ERP tools make that happen."

Frank Parée
Consultant & Expert for SAP ERP Cloud

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